"There is nothing in which men approach so near the gods as when they try to give health to other men."—Cicero

Chill Out, Relax!

How many of us simply want to learn how to Chill out and Relax?

What stands in our way?

What causes our stress?

Research tells us that our food no longer contains the same quality and nutrition that it did 70 years ago. Not only do we get less in every bite but we also have conditions that impede our ability to maintain our health and properly digest our foods.
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Chill Out and Relax

We live in a very active world filled with choices, chances and opportunities. Those slices of life can be exhilarating as well as stressful. We have a great deal of emphasis on building up to those special moments, and then we have what is commonly called, “down-time”.  The time we take to chill out, relax, rest and restore ourselves on those many levels doesn’t have to equate to down-time.  The time is now to learn how to chill out and relax, take time for yourself, and re-set mentally.  Welcome to ChilloutRelax, focusing on the many ways you can be a more complete, successful you.

Relaxing Sounds and Music

relax chill outSound is an amazing tool for both stimulation and relaxation. A sense of peacefulness and pleasure can be found in the sound of the ocean waves crashing on the shore or the rhythmic beat of baroque music.

Tonal therapy goes back to our ancient times: the Sanskrit language gave us such mind-altering tones as “Om”, a powerful tool in meditation and changing the frequency of the brain.

Music touches our heart and soul, and gives us a sense of connectivity. There are so many styles of music, each offering an array of sounds that can be soothing and relaxing. Nowadays with MP3 downloads it is easy to select a collection that is your own, finding thousands of songs to choose from, such as relaxing music at Amazon.

Learn to Relax through Meditation

relax chill outMeditation is simply the shift in the frequency of the brain to a slower pace. Our world today is full of electronic influences ranging from cell phones, computers and televisions, and each emits its own frequency. We too are electrical, with subtle impulses influencing our thought and interactions.

Find out how you can “tune” your thoughts, feelings, and reactions to a more peaceful and supportive vibration using meditation techniques.

Relaxation Techniques

relax chill outThere are many ways to practice mindful relaxation. There is theta therapy, yoga, chanting, running, the tibetan 5 rites, and a host of other relaxation methods. Many practices give us balance by incorporating both body movement with mindful thoughts, giving us a chance to live in a more relaxed state as we perform our techniques and routines.

Learn more about the many ways to bring more balance into your day so you can chill out and relax.

Pet Therapy

relax chill outThere is no question that pets have become animal companions, welcomed additions to our family. Animals have a keen sense of awareness and can detect illness, allergic reactions and seizures before they happen.

Even more important our animals companions are tools for pet therapy, offering support to help those in need take that step toward improvement or recovery. Our pets bring us smiles, calm our nerves, and help us shift into a simpler, happier consciousness. Today it’s no wonder that so many of us hold our head up high and say, “Who Needs Therapy, I Have My Dog“.

Relaxing Bath

relax chill outWater has an amazing effect on us, combining cleansing toxins from our skin to providing a soothing, relaxing environment. Natural therapy pools also provide therapeutic benefits and nutrition through the salts and minerals dissolved within the water.

There are many salts and minerals you can use in your own therapeutic and relaxing spa-style bath in your own home. When combined with sounds, imagery, and aroma a simple bath can elevate your spirit and heal your soul. There’s a marvelous variety of bath salts available, like Therepe Scented Bath Salts – Pomegranate at Candle Bay.

Relaxing Spa

relax chill outReady for a little time away from home? A spa day, weekend, or retreat is a great way to get away and be in a complete receiving space. Spa’s have a variety of services from massage to body wraps.

You can find amazing deals on spa services and other relaxing getaways by signing up for Groupon’s Daily Deals. These single-day offers are great for that last-minute adventure or spa day to help you chill out and relax.

Of course there is no reason to step outside the comforts of your home to have a luxurious spa day. There are many fine products that help you relax and rejuvenate. Light the candles, put on your favorite music, and chill out in your home spa. Other home spa treatments include luxury light treatments that help you get Healthy, Beautiful Skin.

Adventure Trips

adventure trips
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